Monday, October 8, 2012

Allen road before getting to stockdale. The new freeway

This is the road that I picked. There is going to be a freeway intersecting this road soon. The engineers believe that this freeway would be beneficial in many aspects. It will save time by intersect with other highways. It might bring more tourism, which will benefit bakersfield all together.
Allen road

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rhetorcal Modes

Description- the road may be rough, but it will lead to somewhere eventually.

Definition- at the end of the road, we will look back and see the bumps and stops in it, and how it defined us as a person.

Cause/effect- seeing thing out in the road, like a family in poverty, a natural disaster, may change our personality.

Exemplification- conover describes the duties and responsibilities of driver on the road. He know that they do have a purpose for driving on the roads.

Argument- roads may provide goods for people such as food, clothing, and materials, but it also provides harmful things like drugs, guns, and smuggling of other harmful materials.

Narration- Conover shares his life with many individuals along his trips that he takes on the roads.

Compare/contrast- Conover explicitly gives examples of how conquistadores came from Spain to take the gold in early times. Now, people want the mahogany..

Division/classification- Conover sees the different life styles of people in Peru, some that live in the forest may not have food for the next day, some that live in rural cities discard values.

Process analysis- Conover gives the tour that mahogany wood takes from western, to eastern Peru, then Brazil, and finally up to Panama where it would be shipped by seas to get to the US. Through out this, the roads are difficult, sometimes deadly.